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LeCroy Wave Series Analyzer,Oscilloscope

Certified LabVIEW Plug and Play (project-style) Instrument Driver

Driver Specifications


Teledyne LeCroy


Ethernet, IEEE 488.2 (GPIB)

Instrument Type(s):


Driver Version:


Original Release Date:


Update Release Date


Models Tested:

WaveRunner 6100A, WaveSurfer 454, WavePro 7300A

Other Supported Models:

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NI Supported?


Driver Ratings:

28 Ratings | 3.86 out of 5
Plug and Play Driver Installation Instructions Learn how to install your Plug and Play instrument driver
This driver supports all TeledyneLeCroy scopes that use the Windows Operating System.
Not compatible with WaveAce and WaveJet scopes.
This is an NI certified driver. Since we are experiencing issue in uploading drivers to IDNet, we have created a third party link as a temporary fix. Please do use this link until we fix the issue
Third Party Software Installation Required:
LeCroy VICP Passport (for Ethernet communication)
Available for download from the Software Utilities at LeCroy's website

Download Driver and Related Software

Use the chart below to download the right driver for your ADE. To download the required software, visit  Drivers and Updates.

Application Development Environment Minimum Software Required
LabVIEW 2015 Upgrade  NI-VISA 5.4Login to Download
LabVIEW 2020 Upgrade  NI-VISA 5.4Login to Download
LabVIEW 2021 Upgrade  NI-VISA 5.4Login to Download

Models Supported by this Driver
Models Tested? Description
DDA 3000 Disk Drive Analyzer
DDA 5005A XXL Disk Drive Analyzer
DDA 735Zi Disk Drive Analyzer
DDA 760Zi Disk Drive Analyzer
DDA 820Zi-A Oscilloscope
DDA 830Zi-A Oscilloscope
HDO 6000 Series Oscilloscope
HDO 8000 Series High Definition Oscilloscopes
HDO4022 High Definition Oscilloscopes
HDO4022-MS High Definition Oscilloscopes
HDO4024 High Definition Oscilloscopes
HDO4024-MS High Definition Oscilloscopes
HDO4032 High Definition Oscilloscopes
HDO4032-MS High Definition Oscilloscopes
HDO4034 High Definition Oscilloscopes
HDO4034-MS High Definition Oscilloscopes
HDO4054 High Definition Oscilloscopes
HDO4054-MS High Definition Oscilloscopes
HDO4104 High Definition Oscilloscopes
HDO4104-MS High Definition Oscilloscopes
HRO Series 12-bit Oscilloscopes
LabMaster 10 Zi Series 65 GHz at 160 GS/s Oscilloscopes
MSO 104MXs-B   Oscilloscope
MSO 44MXs-B Oscilloscope
MSO 64MXs-B   Oscilloscope
SDA 11000 Serial Data Analyzer
SDA 13000 Serial Data Analyzer
SDA 18000 Serial Data Analyzer
SDA 3000 Serial Data Analyzer
SDA 3000A Serial Data Analyzer
SDA 3000A XXL Serial Data Analyzer
SDA 4000A Serial Data Analyzer
SDA 4000A XXL Serial Data Analyzer
SDA 4020 Serial Data Analyzer
SDA 5000 Serial Data Analyzer
SDA 5000A Serial Data Analyzer
SDA 5000A XXL Serial Data Analyzer
SDA 6000 Serial Data Analyzer
SDA 6000A Serial Data Analyzer
SDA 6000A XXL Serial Data Analyzer
SDA 6020 Serial Data Analyzer
SDA 725Zi Serial Data Analyzer
SDA 735Zi Serial Data Analyzer
SDA 740Zi Serial Data Analyzer
SDA 760Zi Serial Data Analyzer
SDA 806Zi-A Oscilloscope
SDA 808Zi-A Oscilloscope
SDA 813Zi-A   Oscilloscope
SDA 816Zi-A Oscilloscope
SDA 820Zi-A Oscilloscope
SDA 825Zi-A   Oscilloscope
SDA 830Zi-A Oscilloscope
SDA 845Zi-A Oscilloscope
SDA 9000 Serial Data Analyzer
Vehicle Bus Analyzer 400 MHz - 2 GHz Oscilloscopes
WaveExpert 20 GHz - 100 GHz Oscilloscopes
WaveMaster 806Zi-A Oscilloscope
WaveMaster 808Zi-A Oscilloscope
WaveMaster 8100A XXL WaveMaster Oscilloscope
WaveMaster 813Zi-A Oscilloscope
WaveMaster 816Zi-A Oscilloscope
WaveMaster 820Zi-A Oscilloscope
WaveMaster 825Zi-A   Oscilloscope
WaveMaster 8300A WaveMaster Oscilloscope
WaveMaster 8300A XXL WaveMaster Oscilloscope
WaveMaster 830Zi-A Oscilloscope
WaveMaster 8400A WaveMaster Oscilloscope
WaveMaster 8400A XXL Oscilloscope
WaveMaster 8420A Oscilloscope
WaveMaster 845Zi-A Oscilloscope
WaveMaster 8500A WaveMaster Oscilloscope
WaveMaster 8500A XXL WaveMaster Oscilloscope
WaveMaster 8600A WaveMaster Oscilloscope
WaveMaster 8600A XXL Oscilloscope
WaveMaster 8620A WaveMaster Oscilloscope
WavePro 7100A Oscilloscope
WavePro 7000 Oscilloscope
WavePro 7100 Oscilloscope
WavePro 7100A XXL Oscilloscope
WavePro 715Zi Oscilloscope
WavePro 7200 Oscilloscope
WavePro 7200A Oscilloscope
WavePro 7200A XXL Oscilloscope
WavePro 725Zi Oscilloscope
WavePro 7300 Oscilloscope
WavePro 7300A Yes Oscilloscope
WavePro 7300A XXL Oscilloscope
WavePro 735Zi Oscilloscope
WavePro 740Zi Oscilloscope
WavePro 760Zi Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 6030A Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 104MXi 1GHz Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 104Xi Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 204MXi Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 204Xi Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 44MXi Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 44Xi Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 6030 Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 604Zi Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 6050 Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 6050A Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 6051 Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 6051A Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 606Zi Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 6100 Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 6100A Yes Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 610Zi Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 6200 Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 6200A Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 620Zi Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 625Zi Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 62MXi Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 62Xi Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 640Zi Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 64MXi Oscilloscope
WaveRunner 64Xi Oscilloscope
WaveSurfer 434 Oscilloscope
WaveSurfer 452 Oscilloscope
WaveSurfer 104MXs Oscilloscope
WaveSurfer 104Xs Oscilloscope
WaveSurfer 24MXs Oscilloscope
WaveSurfer 24Xs Oscilloscope
WaveSurfer 422 Oscilloscope
WaveSurfer 424 Oscilloscope
WaveSurfer 42MXs Oscilloscope
WaveSurfer 42Xs Oscilloscope
WaveSurfer 432 Oscilloscope
WaveSurfer 44MXs Oscilloscope
WaveSurfer 44Xs Oscilloscope
WaveSurfer 454 Yes Oscilloscope
WaveSurfer 62MXs Oscilloscope
WaveSurfer 62Xs Oscilloscope
WaveSurfer 64MXs Oscilloscope
WaveSurfer 64Xs Oscilloscope

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