cRIO ECAT S by KUNBUS GmbH FPGA Driver for KUNBUS C Series EtherCAT Slave Module

  • Turns every standard CompactRIO Chassis into a typical EtherCAT slave
  • 1024 bytes of input and output data each
  • SYNC0 synchronization mode supported
  • Minimum 100 microseconds of cycle time
  • Graphical configuration tool to create the PDO configuration and .esi file
  • Easy-to-use FPGA driver including detailed sample code
  • Download
cRIO ECAT S is a C Series module that turns every CompactRIO Chassis into a compliant EtherCAT slave to be integrated into typical EtherCAT networks.

With the KUNBUS PDO configuration tool, you can create a variable-based PDO configuration and download it to the module. Furthermore, the tool exports a related .esi file to configure the used EtherCAT master.

The module comes with an easy-to-use FPGA driver interface and detailed sample code to be integrated directly into the user application.

For EtherCAT synchronization via SYNC0, the module provides a digital synchronization signal that you can use to trigger the handling of additional CompactRIO input and output modules.

Support Information
This product is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For more information, contact KUNBUS GmbH at:


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