Deep Learning Platform (DLHUB) for LabVIEW by ANSCENTER Simplify Deep Learning Design and Deployment

  • Does not require Python, C++, or C# programming skills to design a deep learning model
  • User-friendly graphical user interfaces have drag-and-drop and model verification features
  • Supports different types of layers and the transfer learning technique to construct models
  • Supports advanced training algorithms and GPU to accelerate the training process
  • Use built-in evaluating and testing interfaces for assessing trained models
  • Export trained models into LabVIEW, C++, and C# environments
  • Download
DLHUB is a graphical deep learning platform that supports deep learning design without requiring any programming skills. You can develop, train, and evaluate deep learning models to undertake real-life industrial challenges by merely applying a drag-and-drop technique and using the model verification feature. It is perfect for LabVIEW engineers who aren’t familiar with deep learning and Python or C# programming. DLHUB supports various deep learning layer types, including dense, convolution, and pooling layers. It also supports advanced layers such as the transfer learning model and the residual neural network layer.

DLHUB supports advanced training algorithms, including AdaDelta, Adam, FSAdaGrad, and RMSProp, that help to improve the convergence rate. During the training process, a graphics processing unit (GPU) is detected automatically to accelerate the training speed. The mini-batch training technique is also used to handle big data problems. DLHUB features a built-in graphical test interface to help you assess and test the trained deep learning models on unseen test data. You can export this trained model into LabVIEW, C++, and C# for real-time deployment.

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