ANNAPI by ANSCENTER Simplify Machine Learning Deployment in LabVIEW Applications

  • Enables machine learning models to be integrated and deployed in LabVIEW applications
  • Supports feed-forward multiple-layer perceptron neural networks
  • Supports Bayesian neural networks with automated regularization
  • Machine learning design tasks are handled by the ANNHUB software
  • Supports built-in machine learning examples and an intuitive license generation utility
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ANNAPI is an ANNHUB application programming interface (API) that includes a set of add-on LabVIEW functions to simplify a machine learning deployment task in LabVIEW applications.

ANNAPI does not require any complicated machine learning design tasks including designing, training, and evaluating the machine learning model. The user can use free ANNHUB software to develop machine learning models to tackle real-life industrial solutions by simply clicking through the guided steps and utilizing auto-recommended training and validation features. ANNHUB does not require users to have a very deep knowledge of machine learning and/or programming skills to design a proper neural network. This neural network is trained, evaluated, and verified in ANNHUB before being exported into a trained neural network model, and this trained model is loaded directly into LabVIEW using ANNAPI.

ANNAPI supports feed-forward multiple-layer perceptron neural networks, including the Bayesian neural network, with a supervised training mode to perform pattern recognition, classification, and regression tasks. Intuitive built-in machine learning examples and a license generation utility are also included in ANNAPI.

Support Information
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