FPGA-Based Power Electronics SDK for NI LabVIEW by OPAL-RT Build HIL Power Electronics Applications Using LabVIEW

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  • Simulate power electronics circuits built with Plecs, Multisim, PSIM, and Simscape Electric
  • Reduce time to perform hardware-in-the-loop testing of ECUs and controllers
  • Build firmware using project templates and LabVIEW functions for real-time FPGA target
  • Work with most common PXI and CompactRIO chassis, controllers, and modules
  • Compatible with the FPGA-based power electronics add-on for VeriStand and the EMSIM toolkit
  • Perform precise simulation of normal and abnormal conditions of complex converters
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The FPGA-Based Power Electronics SDK for LabVIEW provides all the functionalities to develop firmware dedicated to the testing of ECUs and controllers found in power electronics applications. Whether for electrical and hybrid vehicles, microgrid networks, energy conversion systems, or motor drive applications, the SDK meets the most demanding needs of hardware-in-the-loop applications:
• Capture of fast PWM signals and low-latency I/O systems
• Precise simulation of abnormal conditions such as AC and DC faults, misfiring, and more
• Simulation of complex topologies having high switching frequencies
• Precise emulation of resolver and encoders elements

The SDK provides a comprehensive library of LabVIEW functions and project templates to quickly create new firmware configurations that are perfectly suited to NI CompactRIO and PXI hardware platforms. The SDK can also be combined with the LabVIEW Electric Motor Simulation Toolkit for simulating various types of machines. In addition, a VeriStand add-on is available for taking advantage of the wide range of out-of-the-box HIL functionality of the NI software.

Support Information
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Phone: 1-514-935-2323 #225
Website: https://www.opal-rt.com/support-home/
Email: support@opal-rt.com

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787370-35Opal-RT FPGA-based Power Electronics SDK for NI LabVIEW5 - 10$ 10,000.00
787378-35OPAL-RT eHSx32 Real Time Power Electronics Solver for NI5 - 10$ 7,200.00
787379-35OPAL-RT eHSx64 Real Time Power Electronics Solver for NI5 - 10$ 14,400.00
787380-35OPAL-RT eHSx128 Real Time Power Electronics Solver for NI5 - 10$ 28,800.00

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