Newton API Control Option for LabVIEW by RAFA Solutions Easily Control Newton Controller from Custom Applications

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  • Monitor Newton controlled UTM from custom applications
  • Get real-time status of the machine
  • Remotely set profile parameters and control movement
  • Remotely jog, tare sensors and channels
  • Get real-time status of digital channels
  • Configure machine parameters
  • Download
Newton Control APIs for LabVIEW are libraries of LabVIEW VIs allowing control and monitoring of Newton controller from custom applications built.
Newton is TestResources' powerful computer-based control platform.

The Newton platform provides high-speed closed-loop control, command generation, transducer conditioning and data acquisition for electromechanical, electrodynamic and servohydraulic test actuators and machines.

The Newton LabVIEW API operates in conjunction with Newton software. Newton software is used to deploy the firmware on the controller, configure the machine, create tests, run tests, perform analysis, and generate reports.

Newton API Control Option has two versions:

Newton API Basic Control Option - VIs included in the API library help you connect to the machine as it runs and configures profile parameters, starts/stops movement, and monitors safety limit statuses and so on.

Newton API Standard Control Option – This version includes all the functions of the Basic Control Option and additional functions allowing to get controller details, remotely tare sensors, get status of digital channels and configure PID control.

Newton is a trademark of TestResources.

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