ICTL (Intelligent Control Toolkit) by OTT/ITESM Thorough Set of AI Methods for Advanced Intelligent Controls

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  • Fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks, neuro-fuzzy controllers, and predictive methods
  • Efficient solutions for nonlinear and other complex control systems
  • AI methods also usable to improve performance of conventional PID controls
  • Full integration into LabVIEW graphical environment
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ICTL (Intelligent Control Toolkit) by OTT/ITESM is an add-on for LabVIEW that offers the most comprehensive set of artificial intelligence (AI) methods for the development and implementation of highly efficient control systems.

The benefits achieved from using AI methods are biggest in the case of complex and nonlinear systems, especially when dealing with process models that are imprecise or unclear. Ease of implementation, in combination with tools that enable controllers to learn, optimize, and predict system behavior, is also a benefit of ICTL.

The modern control theory that the toolkit uses permits the design of sophisticated control strategies that can provide an efficient response to the application. Users can define and implement the algorithms best suited for an application and then refine them for efficiency using the optimization and predictive methods in ICTL.

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