ADC/DAC Trainer Lab by 10X Engineering Signal Sampling and Reconstruction Educational Lab

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  • Signal digitalization and reconstruction techniques for ADC/DAC
  • Highly flexible architecture
  • Over 30 interesting visualized experiments and additional tasks
  • Experiments feature step-by-step instructions
  • Graphical presentation of the results of experiments
  • Semiautomatic control
  • Download
The ADC/DAC Trainer Lab is a compact, user-friendly learning platform that provides a comprehensive and practical way to learn the basic concepts of signal digitalization and reconstruction techniques for ADC/DAC. The educational trainer kit is based on the NI Engineering Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) Engineering Lab Workstation, which offers a training board with the inputs/outputs, connections, and components students need to experiment with the challenges of signal conversion procedures using high-precision measurement hardware such as scopes, DMMs, AWGs, and more.

It is the best way to use educational time more optimally while implementing impressive, real-world experiments!

Labs: The study of continuous waveform (CW) signal spectrum, a rectangular pulse signal spectrum, amplitude frequency response, phase frequency response of lowpass filters, signal sampling, complex signal sampling via Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem, sampled signal (CW1+CW2) recovery (reconstruction), sampled signal (pulsed) recovery (reconstruction), quantization, the quantization dynamic range, quantization step, analog-to-digital conversion of the DC signal, and so on.

For the complete laboratory, you must purchase the educational lab board and the NI hardware.

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