Wafer-Level Reliability Test Toolkit by YEA Engineering HCI and NBTI Stress Tests

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  • Stress and measurement technique for reliability estimation
  • Test structure (MOSFET) current/voltage control and measurement in all operating regions
  • Measurement and analysis data visualization
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The Wafer-Level Reliability Test (WLR Test) Toolkit is used with National Instruments PXI Source Measure Units for semiconductor device reliability estimation at the extreme ends of the device specifications (voltage and temperature).

The toolkit accelerates device wearout and models the usable lifetime against known failure mechanisms. You can perform these tests on a wafer or a packaged level.

The WLR Test Toolkit involves techniques to stress and measure the response of the device to monitor for any signs of degradation. It provides negative bias temperature instability (NBTI) and hot-carrier injection (HCI) mechanisms for device degradation parameters estimation. All tests are designed per JEDEC standards.

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