Workers™ for LabVIEW by Scarfe Controls Easily create scalable applications with modular-QMHs

  • Easily create scalable applications in LabVIEW with our modular QMHs
  • Send Priority Messages (low/normal/high) between QMHs
  • Integrated Debugger shows the flow of messages sent between QMHs
  • Take advantage of built-in error reporting and error logging
  • See the call-chain hierarchy of all QMHs in an application
  • Save time and effort with many more attractive features
  • Download
Workers™ for LabVIEW provides LabVIEW developers with a modular Queued Message Handler (QMH)-based framework API and support tools that are designed for the quick and easy development of scalable QMH-based applications. These applications can be both small and large in size and can be developed by novice (LabVIEW Core 3 level), advanced, and/or teams of LabVIEW developers. The main features this solution offers the developer include:

-Create/Add Worker Tool
Instantly create and integrate new and/or existing QMHs into an existing Workers™ application.

-Workers Debugger
Add transparency to your code. Follow the chronological flow of messages sent between QMHs in your application and jump directly to where a message was either enqueued/dequeued through the Debugger.

-Priority Queue
Send messages between QMHs to provide additional flexibility over the standard FIFO LabVIEW queues. You can choose from three priority levels: Low, Normal, and High.

-Worker Hierarchy Viewer
View the call chain of all the statically linked and dynamically loaded QMHs in an application to gain a high-level visualization of the structure of an application.

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