MGI Panel Manager by Moore Good Ideas Simplify Modular UIs Using Panels

  • MGI Panels makes loading VIs in Windows or subpanels interchangeable
  • MGI Panel Actors extends this ability to the Actor Framework
  • Allows nested subpanels to load a chain of inherited interfaces
  • Provides an extension for DQMH as an example for extending to your own favorite framework
  • Even supports MDI (Windows Only)
  • Download
MGI Panel Manager supports complex user interfaces by abstracting away where a front panel is going to be displayed from how it is implemented. This means that a developer writes a user interface that implements the "Panel" interface and then the user of that interface specifies the concrete type of panel to use.

This makes it trivially easy to do things like:
• Insert a VI into a subpanel
• Create a unit test VI that displays a panel as a window for testing, but insert the same VI into a subpanel in the real application
• Dock and un-dock a panel from a subpanel as needed

You can also integrate Panel Actors into common frameworks. MGI Panel Manager includes built-in support for the Actor Framework via the included Panel Actors and features add-on support for Delacor QMH as an example of how you can extend the Panel Manager to your favorite framework.

Multiple Document Interfaces are also supported by the (Windows Only) MGI .NET Panel.

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