LB Drive for Positioning of Sensor Gear Motor Units by Lenord, Bauer & Co. GmbH Plug-and-Play Solution for Complex Positioning Applications

  • Modbus TCP over existing Ethernet network structure
  • Cyclic communication on non-deterministic network, drive stops on communication disrupture
  • Product portfolio from 1 Nm / 250 rpm up to 15 Nm / 20 rpm
  • Semi hollow and true hollow shaft up to 20 mm, full shaft 10 mm
  • BLDC motor and integrated gearbox
  • Battery free absolute multiturn encoder on output shaft
  • Download
The GEL 6110 and GEL 6113 are highly integrated compact drives combining the following:

- 24 V BLDC motors and efficient spur gears
- fieldbus communication and power amplifier
- multiturn absolute encoder inside a compact housing

The GEL 6110 is also available in a stainless steel housing.

With a semi hollow and full hollow shaft of up to 20 mm, the GEL 6110 and GEL 6113 can easily be mounted to any spindle or linear axis in any direction and support a nominal torque from 1.4 to 15 Nm.

The position accuracy is checked by the integrated multiturn sensor at the output shaft of the gear and protects the linear axis and gear motor combination against mechanical overload.

The use of LabVIEW VIs assures a simple plug-and-play startup and a stable operation of the drives.

Support Information
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Phone: +49 208 9963 0

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