Error Logger by CPE Systems NZ Ltd Log Error Messages and Related Data to a Text File

  • Easy to use: just drag and drop the VI and wire in the error line
  • Log additional data when an error is recorded
  • Create a custom label for different error condition
  • Download
The Error Logger is a VI that assists the user in analyzing and debugging LabVIEW programming errors. It captures these errors and any associated data from LabVIEW programs and saves the captured data to an Error Log text file.

The Error Logger VI saves, to file, the wired Error Cluster along with a Custom Error Label and any data wired to the Error Logger VI. The data can be anything generated in the structure, system state, or code where the Error Logger VI is placed. The user can create meaningful descriptions for different error conditions with the custom labels. The Error Log file can be saved in a user-defined location or defaults to the Application Directory.

Support Information
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Phone: +64 9 9150044

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