Pendulums Lab by 10X Engineering Physics Educational Laboratory Based on NI ELVIS

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  • 3 pendulums on a single platform
  • Over 12 hands-on experiments
  • Easily maintainable user interface
  • Semiautomatic control
  • Detailed courseware with exercise instructions
  • Experiments result saving
  • Download
The Pendulums Lab educational trainer kit by 10X Engineering has been designed for the study of the Theory of Periodic Motions. A highly flexible board allows the students to use a single bench for the study of both mathematical and physical pendulums as well as Maxwell’s wheel. The software contains all required theoretical materials for the labs and provides tools for visualization of measurement results.

A combination of manual and automated procedures, along with processing of experiments results, makes this test bench an ideal experimental and research tool.

-Mathematical Pendulum: Dependence of the oscillation frequency and period on the thread length/on the mass of the weight/on the shift angle; determination of the free fall acceleration, etc.
-Physical Pendulum։ Oscillation period of the reversible physical pendulum; free fall acceleration; comparison of periods of the mathematical and physical pendulums; determining the position of the center of mass, etc.
-Maxwell’s Wheel։ Moment of inertia; free fall acceleration; determination of the relaxation time and of the logarithmic damping decrement of the Maxwell’s Wheel power, etc.

For the complete laboratory, you must purchase the educational lab board and the NI hardware.

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