Layout & Style Sheets (LSS) for LabVIEW by Orbital ATK Use CSS-Like Code to Stylize Your UI Without Property Nodes

  • Use language similar to web CSS documents to change VI layout or styles
  • Share styles between multiple applications with minimal code duplication
  • Easily stylize multiple front panel elements using the same LSS statement
  • Properties automatically cascade from owning controls or panels to their children
  • Control corporate color usage in VIs using color map constants within the LSS
  • Use the property control engine to change LSS styles without manual event registration
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This LabVIEW add-on is designed to quickly stylize a user interface with a language format similar to the cascading style sheets used to stylize web pages. This offers some unique advantages over standard methods of controlling user interface appearance in LabVIEW. By applying styles using style sheets, you can change the background color of any user interface object using a single common name like "background color" instead of digging through the property node menus. This same idea can be used to set the size, position, and many other properties for UI objects. This add-on provides a helpful tool and examples to help familiarize you with how to stylize the front panel.

Additionally, common parts of a style sheet can be shared between applications to ensure the applications feature the same look and feel. This can be particularly helpful if multiple developers are working on different software packages for the same customer. You can define a style sheet that spells out characteristics like background color and font size and then apply these styles to each application using the same methods.

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