MGI Solution Explorer by Moore Good Ideas, Inc. Helps Developers Group, Access, and Build Related Projects

  • Build complex sets of related projects in the correct order
  • Makes using packed project libraries fast and easy
  • Any developer can easily build a project with no special knowledge
  • Supports running a VI, shell commands, and digital code signing
  • Also supports subsolutions and creating self-extracting zip files
  • Custom solution items allow developers to extend the framework to meet any specific need
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MGI Solution Explorer helps developers group, access, and build related projects. This is particularly valuable in large application development that uses packed project libraries or other techniques to split up the solution into multiple projects. The time saved by splitting up the build can easily be lost in a cumbersome build process. With the MGI Solution Explorer, the build process is captured as data, so it's easy for anyone on the development team to quickly and correctly perform a build.

The most basic solution item is the LabVIEW project and its associated build specifications, but MGI Solution Explorer also supports four other solution items by default: Run VI, Shell Command, Code Signer, and Self Extracting Zip. MGI Solution Explorer can also be extended through custom solution items. For example, if developers want to upload a solution item to a corporate FTP site, they can just write the plug-in and add the item to the solution.

Support Information
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