SoftMotion Drive Interface Plug-In Parker P Series by Parker Hannifin SDI Plug-In for Parker P Series Servo Drives

  • EtherCAT for high-speed motion bus
  • 400 to 3.5 kW power output
  • USB communications for convenient setup
  • Rotary or linear servo motor control
  • BiSS-C, Endat2.2, and Quadrature encoder support
  • Download
The Parker P Series servo system combines compact, flexible, and advanced functionality drives with high-performance motors for a superior servo system, providing unique value to machine builders. A number of different feedback types are supported to drive a wide range of linear and rotary servo motors. The best matches are the P Series motors, which include absolute encoders and populate motor nameplate data back to the drives for simplified commissioning.

Accurate and easy-to-use inertia detection leads to fast setup of tuning parameters and minimal settling time. Advanced filtering and vibration suppression features can be used to increase throughput and improve positioning performance.

Support Information
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