QControl Toolkit by Q Software Innovations An Extensible, Object-Oriented Alternative to XControls

  • Create extensible UIs using object-oriented programming techniques
  • Encapsulate UI logic code and separate it from the business logic of the application
  • Reuse UI logic to maintain the same functionality in multiple instances
  • Allow the same UI functionality using different UI skins
  • Use inheritance to gain access to current LabVIEW controls properties
  • Easier to use than XControls when using libraries or packed project libraries
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The QControl Toolkit by Q Software Innovations is an object-oriented and extensible alternative to XControls. Use the QControl Toolkit framework and the QControl Creation Wizard to create QControl Classes and receive the benefits of XControls without the headaches. Take advantage of easy UI logic code reuse. Encapsulate and decouple the UI logic away from the business logic of the main application and from the UI skin. Use wherever the VI Server and LabVIEW object-oriented programming are allowed. Easily extend the capabilities of current LabVIEW controls through access to all properties and methods available at run time. And easily use the toolkit with more complex frameworks like the Actor Framework or other plugin architectures where LabVIEW libraries and packed project libraries are used and where XControls can behave unpredictably.

Support Information
This product is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For more information, contact Q Software Innovations at:

Website: qsoftwareinnovations.com
Email: support@qsoftwareinnovations.com

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