NI ShellRT for LabVIEW LabVIEW Project Add-On for NI Linux Real-Time

  • Opens a remote shell from the LabVIEW project window
  • Facilitates interactions with NI Linux Real-Time targets by executing supported Linux commands
  • Supports multiple shells opened at the same time
  • Offers a logging mode to debug onboard behaviors
  • Supports path autocompletion
  • Download
Since 2013, NI has shipped new real-time targets with NI Linux Real-Time, a Linux distribution specifically built to support real-time applications. NI Linux Real-Time targets support SSH connections that enable a remote application to execute commands at the OS level. Intermediate and advanced Linux users can take advantage of this important feature to execute various tasks such as installing or running third-party software on the target, altering the file system, debugging the OS or any running LabVIEW application, and retrieving system-level information.

ShellRT for LabVIEW is a small add-on that allows quick access to a remote console window from the LabVIEW project window. Developers can interact with a selected target without leaving the LabVIEW environment, thus improving the overall development experience using the newest NI real-time hardware platform.

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