WIN-911 Software by WIN-911 Advanced Alarm Notification Software

  • Reduce downtime and personnel costs
  • Includes mobile platform support for alarm message delivery
  • Minimize risk to prevent "disasters"
  • Oversee unmanned facilities
  • Designed for mission critical applications
  • Highly configurable notification workflows
  • Download
WIN-911 is real-time alarm notification software that works with your existing LabVIEW, Scada or control software to monitor operations and notify personnel of problem conditions. The software featuring programmable logic able to filter, escalate, or direct alarms to any designated recipient.

WIN-911 software gives you the ability to create a notification workflow that suits your specific needs. Alarms can be escalated or filtered to any number of recipients using virtually any device – from pagers to desktop computers to wireless phones to tablets. Notifications can vary depending on a wide range of customizable attributes, including severity, how quickly it is acknowledged, or the time of day during which the alarm is occurring. Staff schedules can be added to the system, ensuring that an alarm reaches the right person every time.

Mobile connectivity is available via the MOBILE-911 smartphone app. MOBILE-911 is able to display alarms in interactive summary screens via our Mobile-911 smartphone app. Users can also utilize their smartphone to acknowledge alerts or request more information at any time.

Support Information
This product is sold and supported by the third-party and not by NI. For technical support or to purchase, contact WIN-911 at:

Phone: (512) 326-1011

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