A/D Converters Test Data Analyzer (TDA) Toolkit by Project Integration A/D Converters Test Data Analyzer Compatible with NI STS

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  • Semiconductor Test System (STS) multi-site support
  • Use in ATE systems for R&D and production test purposes
  • Test methods in the toolkit are compatible with IEEE Std 1241™-2010
  • Practice without any hardware using intuitive and informative examples
  • Significantly reduces time for ATE system development
  • Enables analyzing DC and parametric, Static, Dynamic and Timing parameters of A/D Converter
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The A/D Converter TDA by Project Integration is a toolkit for analyzing the analog-to-digital converter output test signals. It allows you to use NI LabVIEW for developing automated ADC testing and characterization systems software, both of which can be used in mass-production automated test systems and R&D to reduce development time and improve reliability by providing ready-to-use algorithms.

The toolkit does not require any specific hardware, can be used both for online and offline data processing, and provides ready-to-run example VIs for analog channel, DC and transfer curve tests, including brief descriptions in block diagrams and front panels.

The toolkit is compatible with STS multisite support and all characterization methods comply with the IEEE Std 1241™-2010 standard. The APIs in the utility pallet can be used for the development of specific reporting and data visualization tools used in automated testing environments.

Measure and characterize parameters such as:

- Integral nonlinearity error (INLE)
- Differential nonlinearity error (DNLE)
- Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
- Signal-to-noise and distortion ratio (SINAD)
and more.

Support Information:
This product is supported by Project Integration and not by NI. For technical support, contact:

Phone: +374-10-219798
Website: http://www.profinst.net/
Email: support@pintegration.org

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