CARRIDA License Plate Reader by SLR Engineering GmbH Detect and Read License Plates with NI Vision

  • Excellent detection and reading accuracy
  • Global format recognition supported (ex. country, state, province, US, Europe, Australia, etc.)
  • Processing time for VGA resolution on PC typically 30 ms
  • Reads dirty, rotated, and distorted plates as well as ones with two rows
  • Position, confidence value available for each vehicle plate and character
  • Simple configuration and set up during installation saves time
  • Download
Many applications around traffic monitoring and management need to read license plates as part of their core functionality. The CARRIDA Automatic License Plate Reader is a vision module optimized for detecting and reading of license plates in images. It handles all the complexities associated with detecting a license plate of unknown size and orientation in an image, and applying OCR algorithms to read its characters. The engine is capable of reading multiple license plates per image. For example, more two lanes can be monitored with only one high definition camera, thereby saving equipment costs, bandwidth, and time for setup and installation.

CARRIDA uses a trainable OCR engine, which can incorporate the individual fonts, structures and syntactic rules of license plates found in different states and countries world wide. Many countries have already been integrated into the engine (e.g. all US, Australia, and Europe).

Typical applications are systems for parking management (registering, ticketing), entry/exit control at gates, vehicle counting, or law enforcement systems.

Support Information:
This product is supported by the third-party and not by NI. For technical support, contact SLR Engineering:


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