LHP Panthera® RCP Suite by LHP Software Controls Development with Simulink® Software and NI Hardware

  • Deploy control models directly from The MathWorks, Inc. Simulink® software to NI hardware
  • Accelerate model based controls prototyping
  • Access LabVIEW FPGA controls and indicators from Simulink® software
  • Monitor and calibrate using XCP over TCP/IP
  • Run real-time event and periodic controls
  • Quickly develop CAN communications using extensive CAN blockset
  • Download
Prototyping new controls strategies is fast and easy with the LHP Panthera® RCP Suite, allowing early discovery of real solutions.

Panthera from LHP Software is a complete suite of products designed to support rapid controls prototyping on National Instruments LinuxRT based controllers. This powerful tool suite includes the Panthera Blockset, Panthera RTE run-time engine, Calibra measurement and calibration tool and Panthera FPGA.

By leveraging the huge catalog of NI modular hardware, a wide variety of solutions can be built upon this proven technology and tailored to fit the application requirements.

Academic Student Option:
Purchase a 365-Day Subscription License, 10-seat multi-pack* for academic use. Each seat includes:
• LHP Panthera Blockset for Mathworks MATLAB®/Simulink®
• LHP Calibra calibration service tool software
• Limited runtime license for any NI myRIO/roboRIO (NI LinuxRT based) target (not target-locked - application can run 30 minutes per execution)
*(List of student host computer license-request files to be consolidated and submitted directly to LHP to allow batch processing.)

Support Information: This product is supported by the third-party and not NI. For technical support contact,

Email: Panthera.Support@lhpsoftware.com
Website: platform.lhpsoftware.com
Product Support Page http://platform.lhpsoftware.com/panthera-support/

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784352-35LHP Panthera RCP Suite by LHP Software5 - 10$ 18,000.00
785758-35LHP Panthera RCP Suite - Student License 10-Pack5 - 10$ 3,000.00
786679-35LHP Panthera RCP Suite – Student 10-Pack Perpetual License5 - 10$ 7,000.00

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