Graphical Screen Editor by S.E.A. Datentechnik Graphical Screen Editor for SEA 4912 and SEA 4914 Displays

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  • Graphically define screen layouts directly in LabVIEW
  • Automatically create configuration files from screen layouts
  • Quickly generate applications from a template VI
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The Graphical Screen Editor for LabVIEW allows to create screen layouts for the SEA LCD displays (SEA 4912, SEA 4914) directly in LabVIEW.

- Define display layouts directly in LabVIEW
- Create configuration file automatically
- Generate template application (LabVIEW VI)

The screen layouts are created graphically, by placing predefined LabVIEW controls on a virtual screen frame. A configuration can contain multiple layouts (within the limits of the system), which are saved in a single VI (Configuration-VI). With the export function a Configuration-VI can be transferred into a readable text file (XML formatted) for later use inside an application, that drives a SEA LCD display. The utilization of a text file enables the operation of the application on a wide range of target systems, e.g. PC, CompactRIO, Single-Board RIO, etc.

After the Installation a full-featured 30-days evaluation phase starts. Within this time period the product can be tried out, though must not be used for commercial purposes. For commercial use a license is mandatory. The complete licensing terms can be found in the End-User-License-Agreement (EULA).

Support Information:
This product is supported by S.E.A. Datentechnik and not by NI. For technical support, contact:

Phone #: +49 2241 127370

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