Harmony UI Controls Kit by RAFA Solutions Flat Controls Suitable for Any Type of Application

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  • Modern professional additions to the LabVIEW front panel control palette
  • Scalable, unique controls: gauges, graphs, charts, rings, general and icon-based buttons, and more
  • Integrate the suite directly into your palette
  • Harmonic colors that can be used together or separately
  • Opportunity for creation of numerous different user interfaces
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The Harmony UI Controls Kit by RAFA Solutions is a set of controls to use in a wide range of LabVIEW interfaces and applications. The design of controls is flat so they are suitable for almost all modern applications. Four harmonic colors are used for the controls: red, green, blue, and grey. All colors ideally fit each other so you can select multiple color combinations.

The library includes customization of all control types: numeric, string, array, cluster, listbox, graph, chart, ring, switches, general buttons, icon-based buttons, and so on.

Harmony controls are an ideal choice for all LabVIEW developers who seek to make their interfaces look professional and modern.

Please contact RAFA Solutions if you need to modify any item of the set. Design image files are available and may be provided for further redesign.

Support Information:
The Harmony UI Controls Kit by RAFA Solutions is supported by the third-party provider RAFA Solutions and not by NI. For technical support with this software, contact RAFA Solutions at:

Phone: +1 (512) 782-9747
Email: support@rafasolutions.com
Web: rafasolutions.com

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