Sequence Builder by LiveWires Automation Easily Configure Sequences for Process or Test Systems

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  • Makes process and test sequences easily configurable
  • Produces a sequence editor, customized to your needs, that you can insert in your code
  • Parameters used by your sequence steps can be of any data type
  • 2 miniprograms show how to incorporate your toolkit routines and run sequences
  • Sequences can even be aborted midstep
  • Uses easy-to-follow data flow without object-oriented techniques
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Sequence Builder by LiveWires Automation is designed for multistep process and test applications. You initially specify the parameters your sequence steps use. These can be of any data type. Sequence Builder then builds a full-featured sequence editor that you can embed in your application or run separately. Routines for saving sequences to disk are included. You can modify the sequence editor screen so that its style matches the rest of your application. Sequence Builder also includes two well-commented example applications that incorporate the sequence editor and run simulated sequences. You can use these examples as a starting point for your program.

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Phone: +44 1905 723568

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