Cyclic Table Probes by Dr. James Powell Create Custom Probes for LabVIEW

  • Observe the ‘history’ of a wire in a table
  • Number of past values automatically scaled to the resizable probe window
  • Easily construct new probes for custom datatypes
  • “Quick Timer” probes to measure execution times
  • Download
Cyclic Table Probes by Dr. James Powell is a package for creating custom probes with “history"; showing the last N values rather than just the latest. Values are displayed in a “cyclic” table, which wraps around automatically when it reaches the bottom of the display window (resizable).

The software was developed to support messaging systems, where messages can be handled too quickly for the eye to see with a last-value probe. Included are some standard probes, for strings, variants, objects, and some numeric types. Also included is a "Text Variant" probe, for messaging using a cluster of such, and a "JKI State Queue" probe for use in designs using the JKI "state machine". But the expected use case is for very easily creating custom probes for whatever messages or datatypes one is using (just modify one of the included probes).

Also contains “Quick Timer” probes. Use in pairs to measure execution times of portions of code.

Support Information
Cyclic Table Probes is provided by a third party and is not supported by National Instruments. For technical support, visit:


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