Distributed State Machines (DSM) Framework by Ovak Technologies Software Library for Large Application Development

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  • Ideally suited for applications for which requirements change often
  • Reduces development, debugging, and maintenance time
  • Can run on both host and real-time platforms
  • Native plug-in approach
  • OOP-based design
  • Mounted error handling
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The Distributed State Machines (DSM) Framework by Ovak Technologies is a software library that consists of a set of classes. The framework enhances the plug-in approach, which makes your application more scalable. Well-defined classes give you the opportunity to write reusable, flexible, and maintainable application components that you can easily mount to your existing applications. The DSM Framework is designed to help you create medium to large applications.

Generally, Task, a plug-in based on the DSM Framework, is a state machine that can act as either a producer or consumer. The well-defined communication method gives you the opportunity to send/stream commands and data to other tasks as well as receive them. The mounted error-handling mechanism gives developers the opportunity to classify errors and perform actions over Task. Finally, Task itself is a plug-in component that inherits all basic functionality from the DSM Framework's “DSM_TaskTemplate.lvclass” and can be mounted with other tasks so you can create a maintainable, flexible, and scalable application with rich behavior.

Support Information:
This software is supported by Ovak Technologies and not by NI. For technical support, contact Ovak Technologies at:

Phone: +1.281.506.0020
Email: support@ovaktechnologies.com
Web: ovaktechnologies.com

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