COSPAS-SARSAT Analyzer Toolkit for LabVIEW by OLYMP Engineering LLC Signal Analysis, Visualization, and Message Decoding

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  • Frequency and phase correction
  • Burst detection
  • BCH (127,106,3) shortened code error correction
  • BCH (63,51,2) shortened code error correction
  • Short and long message detection and decoding
  • Standard, User, and National protocol support
  • Download
The COSPAS-SARSAT Analyzer Toolkit for LabVIEW by OLYMP Engineering extends the built-in analysis capability of LabVIEW with functions and tools for COSPAS signal analysis, visualization, and the processing of long and short message formats. With this toolkit, you can rapidly develop custom applications for research, design, characterization, validation, and test of COSPAS transmitter systems. The COSPAS Decoding Toolkit for LabVIEW complements the PXI-5661, PXIe-5663, and PXIe-5665 RF vector signal analyzers. By combining the functionality of the RF vector signal analyzer and the COSPAS Decoding Toolkit, you have a virtual instrumentation platform with COSPAS signal analysis capabilities.

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