Murmex by Distrio Software Framework for Distributed Input/Output Applications

  • Quickly develop new flexible components that run as state machines with minimal effort
  • Break down your program into small components and develop the individual parts in parallel
  • Easily connect different components over the network and make them respond to standardized commands
  • ‘Develop once, deploy many’ - Extend your LabVIEW classes and deploy many
  • Lower your time to market with the Murmex framework
  • Download
Murmex is a software development kit for distributed input/output applications. It is based on LabVIEW object oriented programming, which allows you to develop scalable, flexible and intuitive tools. Because each component runs independently, they can be debugged individually and developed in parallel, facilitating a robust and convenient test process.

Murmex is driven by the message-oriented middleware RabbitMQ, which allows you to connect components across your network and the internet. Your derived class runs like a state machine, calling the appropriate class method depending on the command received.

Murmex allows you to efficiently realize local and distributed software applications for signal acquisition, generation and processing, as well as sophisticated laboratory or industrial hardware control and monitoring systems. Extend the number of possible applications by flexible configurations. Create a treelike structure for data processing or a web of independently running components.

Installation requirements: Windows, LabVIEW 2012 or newer, LabbitMQ, RabbitMQ 3.2.1 server, Erlang, EasyXML.

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