Ethernet PMAC Driver by Observatory Sciences Ltd. LabVIEW Interface for Delta Tau PMAC for Motion Controller

  • Provides full access to the PMAC online command set
  • Works out of the box; no additional drivers required
  • Decreases complexity with a simplified communications protocol
  • Offers a standard set of motor commands to save you time
  • Extends to include any other available commands
  • Helps you graphically program the PMAC for motion
  • Download
The Ethernet PMAC Driver by Observatory Sciences Ltd. simplifies the use of the Programmable Multi-Axis Controller (PMAC) for motion. This add-on software helps you create a robust and capable motion control application by combining the power of the PMAC with LabVIEW.

The Delta Tau Data Systems Inc. PMACs are high-performance servo motion controllers capable of commanding multiple axes of motion simultaneously with a high level of sophistication. As a general-purpose controller, the PMAC can serve in a wide variety of applications, from ensuring submicron accuracy to providing hundreds of kilowatts.

The driver manages the Ethernet communication with a PMAC, all of the connection locking, and the correct formatting of the command protocol, which saves you a lot of time. Common PMAC commands are made available as VIs and new commands can be created quickly, which opens up the entire online command set to the application. Parameters can be read from the controller and processed or displayed using the powerful visualization tools in LabVIEW. You can control multiple axes with the same set of VIs, or you can use the built-in coordinate systems to perform complex simultaneous profiled movements.

Support/Pricing Information
The Ethernet PMAC Driver by Observatory Sciences Ltd. is supported and sold by the third-party provider and not by NI.

For technical support or purchasing information, contact Observatory Sciences Ltd. at:

Phone: +44 (0)1223 508257

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