XDSC Components - ANOMOREF, S.L. LabVIEW Objects for Enhanced Shared Variable Use

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  • Save time with code generation using shared variables - estimated at up to 60 percent
  • Increase the scalability and modularity of some LabVIEW functions
  • Efficiently manage multiple shared variables in the block diagram
  • Integrate the user interface dialogs with LabVIEW code
  • Use intuitive block diagram icon descriptors
  • Take advantage of dynamic access to the shared variables
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XDSC Components by ANOMOREF, S.L., is an add-on software application for creating LabVIEW objects to enhance the use of shared variables from the front panel and block diagram. XDSC Components objects help you use LabVIEW to increase the scalability and modularity of your code. The code generation time savings are as much as 60 percent when using shared variables.

With XDSC Components, LabVIEW can use shared variables successfully with features such as:

-Drag&Drop: You can add new variables to a component by dragging them from the variable library either one at a time or several at a same time.

-Tip Configuration: This helps message and user dialogs associated with controls/indicators.

-Auto Link: The object is updated automatically when the variable name is changed in the variable library, setting the generated code in a referenced *.lvlib.

-Organize Block Diagram: If you need to move during edition mode the elements associated with the component (controls/indicators, terminals, connectors, references, and so on), this tool helps you reorganize the auxiliary element position from the component.

See a full description of each of these functions in “Function Details” under the Resources Tab.

Support Information
For technical support, contact ANOMOREF, S.L., at:
Website: www.i-less.com/products
Email: support@i-less.com
Phone: +34 964 51 52 10

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