Amulet Technologies LCD Touch Screen Driver LabVIEW Driver for Amulet Technologies Color Touch Screens

  • Installs all of the functions you need to communicate with an Amulet color display module
  • Provides both simple and complex examples in both GEMstudio and LabVIEW to help you get started
  • Supports both USB and serial connectivity (accessory) with VISA-based driver architecture
  • Download
Using Amulet Technologies displays, you can add touch panel user interfaces to new and existing embedded systems. With Amulet’s development environment, GEMstudio, developers can create user interfaces that run entirely on the display. This eliminates the need for the embedded processor to continuously update the display or manage the touch interface.

Using the Amulet Display API in LabVIEW 2013 or later, you can make your host applications communicate with the display to read and write data from the display via NI-VISA (over USB or serial). You can use this API across a wide variety of NI products and easily integrate it into your existing architectures.

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