Robot NAO SDK Library - TechForce Tool Suite for Controlling Robot NAO

  • Effectively learn the basic principles of humanoid robot NAO
  • Easily control both simple and complicated movements
  • Access all sensor data, including NAO’s cameras and microphones with signal processing
  • Generate signals including sound wave, speech, infrared, and LED
  • Call NAO’s existing behaviors and install additional behaviors into its core
  • Use Webots simulation platform for Robot NAO
  • Download
NAO is the most widely used humanoid robot for academic purposes worldwide. With its versatile platform, scientists can explore a wide variety of research topics in robotics as well as computer science, human-machine interaction, and the social sciences.

The TechForce Robot NAO SDK Library helps LabVIEW and NAO developers easily interface with Aldebaran NAO. The SDK provides a native LabVIEW implementation of the NAOqi API. NAOqi is software already installed in NAO’s brain. Developers can communicate with NAOqi using a variety of computer languages. Programmers can create applications to control almost all the modules of NAO, including motion, vision, sound, audio, sensors, and behavior. The motion module of the SDK can also be used with Webots.

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