WebPager - VFP Soft Easily Put an Interactive LabVIEW Front Panel in a Web Page

  • Upload an NI LabVIEW front panel to the web browser in a few clicks
  • Take advantage of the API for programmatic control and additional features
  • Upload a front panel to your own website
  • Add custom HTML and CSS code
  • Choose from a variety of LabVIEW themes (modern, silver, classic, and others)
  • No need to install any servers or open any ports
  • Download
VFP Soft WebPager helps you deploy LabVIEW applications online with little to no fuss. At first glance, it is similar to remote panels. You can use it to access a LabVIEW front panel from a browser without any modifications to the LabVIEW block diagram. But unlike remote panels, WebPager puts the front panel into the web page as a pure HTML interface. Instead of browser plugins or the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine, it uses only standard web technologies: HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

WebPager maintains quasi real-time control over the front panel via the Internet from any browser-enabled device and OS—Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPad, and so on. Moreover, WebPager provides an API for programmatic access to its functionality.

WebPager is suitable for all types of developers. Less experienced developers can use it for uploading LabVIEW applications online in one click via Wizard without any modifications to the LabVIEW source code. More advanced developers can take advantage of this application's flexibility by programmatically controlling WebPager (and not using Wizard). And developers with extensive web knowledge can use WebPager to merge LabVIEW front panels and external HTML code to enable user interfaces and effects that are impossible to achieve on a LabVIEW front panel.

WebPager offers a flexible licensing scheme. With WebPager, you can purchase different licenses starting from just a few minutes with “nano” plans. Contact VFP Soft for pricing.

Support Information
National Instruments does not provide support for this product. For support, contact VFP Soft at webpager@vfpsoft.com.

Pricing Information
This product is sold directly by the third-party provider and not by National Instruments. Contact VFP Soft for purchasing information at vfpsoft.com/webpager/purchase.

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