NI Simple Messaging (STM) Reference Library - National Instruments LabVIEW API for Network Communication in Distributed Systems

  • Easily packages and parses data
  • Hides the transport layer (TCP/IP, UDP, and so on) implementation details
  • Minimizes network traffic by sending data only when it is needed
  • Lends itself to communication with environments other than NI LabVIEW (C, C++, and so on)
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One of the main challenges for engineers who design distributed systems where hosts interact using a network is building an effective communication protocol. The NI Simple Messaging (STM) Reference Library can enhance the performance, usability, maintainability, and scalability of a distributed system. Unlike raw communications APIs, using formatted packets makes data manipulation more manageable and improves throughput by minimizing the transmission of repetitive data.

Support Information
For technical support, use the Simple TCP Messaging (STM) message board:

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