EtherCAT Library for LabVIEW by Ackermann Automation EtherCAT Master Library for LabVIEW on Windows

  • Ability to control EtherCAT slaves with a normal network adapter on a Windows PC
  • Easy-to-use LabVIEW library with a rich feature set
  • Real-time cyclic process data exchange with up to 10 kHz bus cycle
  • Read/write configuration data by CAN over EtherCAT
  • Access to slave memory, EEPROM, object dictionary, and file transfer
  • Support for distributed clocks
  • Download
EtherCAT is an Ethernet-based fieldbus for automation purposes. Because of its speed and openness, it is well suited for measurement applications. It allows the realization of distributed architectures with signal conversion close to the sensors. You can control different products from different vendors like field I/Os, sensors, and drives with one protocol over the same bus.

The Ackermann Automation EtherCAT Library for LabVIEW is based on the industry-proven EtherCAT Master from Acontis Technologies. With this library, you can directly control EtherCAT slaves with a normal Ethernet port. You exchange data with NI LabVIEW software using buffers, so even at fast bus cycle rates of up to 10 kHz, you do not lose data.

The library is used for the following application fields:
-Machine automation
-Measurement applications
-Test of EtherCAT slave products

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