OneWire Utilities - Interface Innovations Toolkit and Applications for Maxim 1-Wire Devices

  • Easy-to-use toolkit for finding and reading 1-wire sensors and adapters
  • OneWire Monitor for easy setup, monitoring, and acquisition
  • Configuration files allow multiple sensor grouping and read in zones
  • Sensor Utility to manage configuration files for multiple systems
  • Download
OneWire Utilities by Interface Innovations offers a set of utilities, controls, and toolkit VIs for identification, configuration, and reading of 1Wire devices attached to Dallas/Maxim and iButtonLink® bus masters. Also included are a fully featured monitoring and grouping application, a sensor assignment utility, and an example usage of the find and read functions. For a full list of compatible devices, please visit

This toolkit requires the following:
- 1wire drivers available by Maxim at
- Shared Library by Interface Innovations available at

This toolkit is not endorsed or supported by Maxim Electronics. Contact Interface Innovations at for technical support.

Technical Support & Pricing Information
This product is sold and supported by the third-party provider and not National Instruments. For technical support or pricing information, contact Interface Innovations at:


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