CalcExpress - Konstantin Shifershteyn Script Processor, Formula Parser, and Data Management Tool

  • Ability to add textual scripts that you can alter at run time
  • Script syntax is similar to Formula Node syntax
  • A script can perform any NI LabVIEW function because it calls VIs for specific tasks
  • Functionality can be extended with user-defined functions implemented as VIs
  • Several scripts can independently run at the same time
  • Powerful tool to manage and share data between scripts and VIs
  • Download
By using CalcExpress scripts in a LabVIEW application, you can dynamically change the behavior of the application without revamping its code. You can use scripts for computation, signal processing, DAQ control, control algorithm execution, and so on.

Additional Features
- CalcExpress script is a text stream that can be read from a front panel control, file, network, and so on. You can edit scripts at run time with no need to modify a VI.
- Scripts are not restricted to computational functions; they can perform any LabVIEW function.
- CalcExpress operates on a variety of data types such as numeric scalars (real and complex), strings, and arrays thereof. It can also operate on user-defined data types.
- CalcExpress operators and functions are polymorphic just like LabVIEW functions.
- CalcExpress includes a large set of predefined functions to perform mathematical tasks, signal processing, data manipulation, file operations, VI control and synchronization, user interactions, and so on.
- You can implement user-defined functions as VIs, called FuncVIs. With the FuncVI mechanism, you can easily implement new functions of any complexity.
- CalcExpress operates on variables with the Variable Manager, a tool that offers both exclusive and cooperative access to variables for different parts of an application, including scripts. It also helps you dynamically create and destroy variables, collect historical data, and much more.

Pricing Information
This product is sold directly by the third-party provider and not by National Instruments. Please contact Konstantin Shifershteyn for purchasing information.

Support Information
For technical support, contact Konstantin Shifershteyn by visiting

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