FM/Audio DAQ Applet - Wireless SOC Test Generate and Capture FM/Audio Signals Using NI USB DAQ

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  • Mono/FM stereo generation and capture
  • Ability to generate custom baseband and intermediate frequencies
  • Direct FM transmission capabilities
  • INL/DNL digital-to-analog converter/analog-to-digital converter testing
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The Wireless SOC Test FM Audio DAQ Applet is designed to work with any USB NI data acquisition devices that have both signal generation and acquisition capabilities.

This applet is used exclusively in the Applied Analog/Mixed-Signal Measurements course developed by Wireless SOC Test. In this class that targets new engineers as well as RF/MS test and product engineers, students can learn about mixed-signal and modulation-based measurements on today's RF systems in a package (SiPs) and systems on a chip (SoCs). In this hands-on class, students work with real transmitters and receivers. They design and build modulated waveforms (BPSK, QPSK, QAM, OFDM, and others) using NI and Wireless SOC Test tools and then transmit and receive those signals to and from fellow students in the course. They also analyze the spectral content of the received signals including spurs, harmonics, THD, SFDR, BER, and EVM. Limited seating available.

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