Maintainable Test - Maintainable Software Manufacturing Test Data Management Cloud with Analytics

  • Collect, manage, analyze, and report test data from TestStand, LabVIEW, and more in the cloud
  • Easy to set up and use, multiple-site support connects all of your global manufacturing
  • Web-based yield reports, measurement graphs, control charts, and histograms from factory data
  • SPC process capability data reporting (Cp, Cpk, and more) and control rules to support Six Sigma
  • Drill down, aggregate, and analyze factory results across thousands of units in production test
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Maintainable Test ( is a cloud solution for manufacturing test data. It collects test reports from your factory test systems and then sends the data securely to the cloud. You can access the system with your web browser, tablet, or phone. Designed to be easy and quick to set up, this LabVIEW toolkit can connect your TestStand, LabVIEW, and custom test equipment.

Important production test data is often scattered between different factories (such as Contract Manufacturers, or CMs), usually across the globe. Maintainable Test provides real-time, web-based, centralized access to all your operations with powerful analysis and reporting tools.

Maintainable Test scales from a handful of machines in a lab to hundreds of test stations in worldwide production. It is widely deployed and has data collection strategies for all common scenarios. It can be used with your custom test executives and existing file formats.

Sign up for a free trial at, download our LabVIEW toolkit, and get more visibility and better control of your electronics manufacturing today.

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