Third-Party Licensing and Activation Toolkit Add Licensing Technology to LabVIEW Applications and VI APIs

  • Out-of-the-box commercial-grade licensing solution for LabVIEW developers
  • Add licensing to applications built in LabVIEW and VI-based APIs/libraries
  • Automated Web activation as well as manual activation mechanisms
  • Provide "try before you buy experience" by implementing time-expiring evaluations
  • Fully integrated activation dialog in LabVIEW similar to NI products
  • Download
With the NI LabVIEW Third Party Licensing & Activation Toolkit, you can add licensing and activation features to your LabVIEW VIs and applications built with LabVIEW. This reduces the amount of effort required to develop ad hoc licensing solutions and offers you an integrated and consistent process for activating your third-party LabVIEW software, and allows your customers to evaluate your software before purchasing.

Two types of licensing are supported - development licensing and deployment licensing:

Development Licensing: Licensing a VI-based API or library to be used by other LabVIEW developers. LabVIEW automatically performs licensing checks on these libraries during edit time (when the VI is dropped on the block diagram) and prompts the user to activate the software when LabVIEW is launched.

Deployment Licensing: Licensing an application/executable built with LabVIEW for users to implement. The licensing checks must be manually added to the source code using the provided Licensing VIs, and the licensing checks are performed during run time (when the application is run).

Additional Information: The Third-Party Licensing & Activation Toolkit is provided free of charge by NI. However, some features of this toolkit requires the Protection PLUS software from Concept Software.
Refer to the Licensing & Activation Community Group for details.

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