SimulationX - ITI Multi-Domain Plant Modeling Software Platform

  • Use the most intuitive multi-domain modeling solution for simulating and analyzing plant models
  • Directly integrate physical SimulationX models via code export in graphical NI design platforms
  • Re-use your plant models immediately within LabVIEW and NI VeriStand
  • Apply plant models continuously throughout the whole process from design through to prototyping
  • Analyze the behavior of new mechatronics machines and control devices at early development stage
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SimulationX determines the level of modeling, simulating and optimizing complex technical systems. The software models the interaction of components from a multitude of domains including their mutual interaction and feedback on one platform. This significantly distinguishes SimulationX from any other kind of CAE software (FEM, CFD, MBS). SimulationX is the standard in software for evaluation of the interaction of all components in technical systems. It is the universal CAE tool for modeling, simulating and analyzing physical effects - with ready-to-use model libraries for 1D mechanics, 3D multi-body systems, power transmission, hydraulics, pneumatics, thermodynamics, electrics, electrical drives, magnetic as well as controls - post-processing included. SimulationX fully supports Modelica language and offers a wide range of open, comprehensive CAx-interfaces. Apart from this, ITI provides complete and flexible PC-based solutions for the Real-Time Prototyping of technical systems including interfaces to the NI real-time testing and simulation platforms LabVIEW and NI VeriStand.

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