NI USB-6366 X Series Data Acquisition

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  • OEM, BNC, and mass termination connectivity options available.
  • 8 simultaneous analog inputs at 2 MS/s/ch with 16-bit resolution; 16 MS/s total AI throughput
  • Deep onboard memory (32 or 64 MS) to ensure finite acquisitions, even with competing USB traffic
  • 2 analog outputs, 3.33 MS/s, 16-bit resolution, ±10 V
  • 24 digital I/O lines (8 hardware-timed up to 1 MHz)
  • Four 32-bit counter/timers for PWM, encoder, frequency, event counting, and more
  • Advanced timing and triggering with NI-STC3 timing and synchronization technology
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NI X Series multifunction DAQ devices for USB provide a new level of performance with NI-STC3 timing and synchronization technology, NI Signal Streaming for high performance over USB, a completely redesigned mechanical enclosure, and multicore-optimized driver and application software.

NI-STC3 Technology
NI-STC3 timing and synchronization technology delivers advanced timing features, including independent analog and digital timing engines, retriggerable measurement tasks, and four counter/timers with more functionality than ever before.

NI Signal Streaming
USB X Series devices include patented NI Signal Streaming, a technology that uses message-based instructions and device-side intelligence to ensure high-speed, bidirectional data transfer over USB. With USB X Series, you can concurrently transfer analog, digital, and counter data in both directions. The total device throughput over USB is PC-dependent; on some systems, up to 32 MB/s sustained transfers are possible.

Data Acquisition Software
X Series devices include multithreaded NI-DAQmx driver software, which is compatible with the following versions (or later) of NI application software: LabVIEW 8.6, LabWindows™/CVI 8.5, Measurement Studio 8.5, or SignalExpress 2.5. X Series devices are also compatible with ANSI C/C++ and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. NI-DAQmx includes free SignalExpress LE data-logging software and hundreds of shipping examples to help you get started quickly with your application.

The mark LabWindows is used under a license from Microsoft Corporation. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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Specifications Summary


NI USB-6366 Complete Package

Each NI USB-6366 requires:

1 Power Cord

1 Carrying Case

NI USB-6366

NI USB-6366 and Accessories

NI USB-6366 with Power Supply (No Power Cord) and USB Cable (2m)
- 781445-01 Qty $ 4,351 each
- 782264-01 Qty $ 4,778 each
- 782263-01 Qty $ 5,310 each
Required Accessories
Power Cord -
Power Cord, North America 120VAC - 763000-01
Qty $ 9 each
Qty $ 180 each
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Optional Accessories
Universal Power Supply with Mini-Combicon Connector - 781513-01
Qty $ 59 each
USB X Series Mounting Kit with DIN-RAIL clip - 781515-01
Qty $ 112 each
USB X Series Mounting Kit - 781514-01
Qty $ 90 each
USB X Series LID with Thumbscrew Fasteners - 781661-01
Qty $ 31 each
USB Cable with Locking Screw, 2 m - 780534-01
Qty $ 30 each
Hardware Subtotal: $ 4,540


Note : You should only purchase this device without software if you already own compatible application software. [View Full List]
LabVIEW Full Development System for Windows (English) , 1 year SSP - 776670-35 Qty $ 2,999 each
LabVIEW Application Builder for Windows - 776675-35 Qty $ 1,499 each
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Software Subtotal: $ 0

Subtotal: $ 4,540

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