NI LabVIEW System Identification Toolkit Plant Modeling Based on Real-World Signals

  • This toolkit is now included in the Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit and the CDS Module.
  • Identify dynamic system models directly from real-world stimulus and response signals
  • Seamlessly integrate data acquisition for both time- and frequency-based system identification
  • Integrate with other LabVIEW modules to build adaptive control algorithms
  • Parametric, polynomial, frequency-based, and grey box algorithms
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This toolkit is now included in the Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit and the CDS Module.

The NI LabVIEW System Identification Toolkit combines data acquisition tools with system identification algorithms for accurate plant modeling. You can take advantage of LabVIEW intuitive data acquisition tools including the DAQ Assistant to stimulate and acquire data from the plant and then automatically identify a dynamic system model. You can convert system identification models to state-space, transfer function, or pole-zero-gain form for control system analysis and design. The toolkit includes built-in functions for common tasks such as data preprocessing, model creation, and system analysis. With the System Identification Assistant in the toolkit, you can interactively design and use system identification techniques that you can later export to LabVIEW.

You can purchase the toolkit separately or as part of the NI Developer Suite Control and Simulation Option, a modular product offering with which you can select software components based on your application needs. With an NI Developer Suite subscription, you have access to software as updates are available as well as direct access to technical support from NI applications engineers via phone and e-mail.

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