VI Package Manager (VIPM) - JKI Create, Install, and Manage Reusable LabVIEW Code Libraries

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  • Discover LabVIEW add-ons from the LabVIEW Tools Network
  • Work smarter by building reusable code libraries and tools for your developers and customers
  • Manage LabVIEW add-on use in multiple projects and multiple LabVIEW versions
  • Share reusable code libraries from your own private or public server
  • Create custom code library management tools using a VI-based API
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JKI’s VI Package Manager (VIPM) reduces project costs by helping you implement a code reuse process in your organization. VIPM makes it easy to manage and share reusable VIs across multiple projects, computers, and teams of developers.

Choose from two different VIPM versions to support small or large developer teams.

VIPM Pro helps you build VI packages of your reusable VIs and toolkits to share with colleagues and customers, who can install them using any version of VIPM. It also tracks which VI packages are used in each of your LabVIEW projects, so that you can easily switch between projects knowing that you always have the correct versions of your packages installed.

You can also manage a shared VI Package Repository on your corporate network or the Internet. When new packages are added to the repository, other VIPM Pro repository subscribers are notified and can easily find and install them in LabVIEW.

VIPM Free helps you build packages and install packages from the LabVIEW Tools Network.

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National Instruments does not provide technical support for third-party add-ons for LabVIEW. For technical support, contact JKI.

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