NI 9203 8-Ch ±20 mA, 200 kS/s, 16-Bit Analog Current Input Module

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  • 8 current input channels
  • ±20 mA, 0 to 20 mA programmable input ranges
  • 16-bit resolution, 200 kS/s aggregate sampling rate
  • -40 to 70 °C operating range
  • NIST-traceable calibration
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The NI 9203 is a C Series data acquisition module includes eight analog current input channels for high-performance control and monitoring applications. The NI 9203 features programmable input ranges of ±20 mA or 0 to 20 mA, 16-bit resolution, and a 200 kS/s maximum sampling rate. To protect against signal transients, the NI 9203 includes a channel-to-earth ground double isolation barrier (250 Vrms isolation) for safety and noise immunity.

The NI 9203 module ships with screw terminals for signal wire connection. Extra screw terminal connections can be purchased as replacements or spares. In addition, for strain relief, high vibration applications, and high voltage safety, a plastic backshell is available to sercure and protect the signal wire connections. The backshell kit, the NI 9932, is sold separately.

Specifications Documents

Specifications Summary

Product Name NI 9203
Product Family Industrial I/O
Form Factor CompactDAQ , CompactRIO
Part Number 779516-02 , 779516-01
Operating System/Target Real-Time , Windows
Measurement Type Current
Isolation Type Ch-Earth Ground Isolation
RoHS Compliant Yes
Signal Conditioning 0-20 mA current input
Analog Input
Channels 0 , 8
Single-Ended Channels 8
Differential Channels 0
Resolution 16 bits
Sample Rate 200 kS/s
Maximum Current Range -20 mA - 20 mA
Maximum Current Range Accuracy 0.019 mA
Minimum Current Range 0 mA - 20 mA
Minimum Current Range Accuracy 0.013 mA
Simultaneous Sampling No
Analog Output
Channels 0
Digital I/O
Bidirectional Channels 0
Input-Only Channels 0
Output-Only Channels 0
Counters 0
Physical Specifications
Length 9 cm
Width 2.3 cm
I/O Connector Screw terminals
Minimum Operating Temperature -40 °C
Maximum Operating Temperature 70 °C
Minimum Storage Temperature -40 °C
Maximum Storage Temperature 85 °C
Triggers cDAQ Chassis No

NI 9203 Packages

To use the NI 9203 , you need all items in the diagram below. Select Option 1 if you already own a C Series System, or Option 2 if you do not already own a chassis, controller, or software.

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C Series System

1 Connectivity Accessories

NI 9203




NI 9203 and Accessories Only
NI 9203
779516-01 Qty $ 530 each
779516-02 Qty $ 692 each
Required Accessories
Connectivity Accessories -
Qty $ 30 each
Optional Accessories
Connector Block
Qty $ 53 each
Qty $ 63 each
Qty $ 290 each

Package Price: $ 560

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Select a Platform and Configure a System

Create a complete system with the NI 9203 and its accessories. However, the NI 9203 is compatible with multiple C Series Platforms, NI CompactDAQ and CompactRIO. Please review the comparison information below and select a platform to begin configuring your system.

Configure System Configure System

NI CompactDAQ NI CompactRIO
Mixed-Measurement Data Acquisition

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Time-Critical Control & Monitoring

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Features NI CompactDAQ NI CompactRIO
USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Headless Operation Ethernet, Headless Operation
Up to -40 to 70 C
Up to 50 g shock and 5 grms operational vibration
Up to -40 to 70 C
Up to 50 g shock and 5 grms operational vibration
LabVIEW, LabVIEW Real-Time, C, C++, VB.NET, C#.NET LabVIEW, LabVIEW Real-Time, LabVIEW FPGA, C, C++
NI-DAQmx driver; configuration and troubleshooting tools; short time to first measurement NI-RIO driver; flexibility and customizabilty
PC-based data acquisition; embedded data-logging; portable and benchtop Single-point acquisition; closed-loop control; deterministic operation

System Assurance Programs

Reduce your setup time and total cost of ownership, and get a system you can use out of the box with National Instruments system assurance programs. System assurance programs include:

  • Installation and integration test of all individual hardware
  • Courtesy installation of system driver sets and application development environments
  • Extended warranty and calibration coverage for up to five years
  • Custom documentation plus a custom restore and startup utility

This service is only available for PXI, NI CompactRIO, and NI Compact FieldPoint systems.

Extended Warranties

National Instruments designs and manufactures all products to minimize failures, however unexpected failures can still occur. Extended warranties provide a fixed economical price at the time of system purchase, covering any repair costs for up to three years. In addition, they offer the following benefits:

  • Significant cost savings compared to individual repair incidents
  • Fault location, diagnostics, and repair by NI any time the system product fails
  • All parts and labor costs covered as well as any adjustments needed to restore the hardware to manufacturing specifications

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NI recognizes the need to maintain properly calibrated devices for high-accuracy measurements. NI provides manual calibration procedures, services to recalibrate your products, and automated calibration software to calibrate many NI measurement products.


NI training is the fastest, most certain route to productivity with NI tools and successful application development.

Repair Services

Return your registered product under warranty at no additional labor and parts cost. NI offers fault location, diagnostics, and repair any time the system fails as well as any adjustments needed to restore the hardware to manufacturing specifications.

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