NI GPIB-RS232 GPIB-to-RS232 Converter

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  • Completely IEEE 488.2-compatible
  • 115.2 kb/s data transfer (baud) rates; XON/XOFF protocols
  • Extend GPIB cable lengths to 15.6 m (50 ft)
  • 4 modes of operation (software-selectable)
  • GPIB-232CT-A and GPIB-232CV-A compatibility
  • RoHS-compliant
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The National Instruments GPIB-RS232 is a high-performance serial-to-GPIB interface. It transforms a computer with an RS232 serial port into a talker, listener, or controller on the GPIB bus. The NI GPIB-RS232 can also interface RS232 instruments and peripherals to the GPIB bus. The GPIB-RS232 has all the software and logic required to implement the physical and electrical specifications of the IEEE 488 and RS232 standards. It can interpret and execute high-level commands sent to it over the serial port, performing RS232-to-GPIB protocol conversions, as well as interpret commands sent over the GPIB, performing GPIB-to-RS232 protocol conversions. The GPIB-RS232 uses the NI TNT5004 controller chip, which implements all IEEE 488 talker/listener/controller functionality.

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Specifications Documents

  • Data Sheet

Specifications Summary

Product Name GPIB-RS232
Product Family GPIB
Part Number 779732-07 , 779732-06 , 779732-05 , 779732-04 , 779732-01
Operating System/Target Windows
LabVIEW RT Support No
Voltage 12 VDC
Current 300 mA
Source Externally Powered
GPIB Standard Compatibility IEEE 488.1
Onboard GPIB Analyzer No
Onboard GPIB ASIC Chip TNT5004
Port Information
Number of Ports 1
Max Baud Rate (IEEE 488.1) 115.2 kB/s
Max Baud Rate (HS488) 115.2 kB/s
Max Cable Length 15.6 m
I/O FIFO Buffer Size 64 B , 32 B
Max Device Connections / Port 1
Physical Specifications
Length 156.26 mm
Width 97.27 mm
Height 31.5 mm
I/O Connector 9-pin D-Sub (DB-9) , 24-pin IEEE 488
Minimum Operating Temperature 0 °C
Maximum Operating Temperature 55 °C
Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
779732-01GPIB-RS232 Controller & Converter, U.S. 120VAC5 - 10$ 585.00
779732-04GPIB-RS232 Controller & Converter, Univ Euro 240VAC5 - 10$ 585.00
779732-05GPIB-RS232 Controller & Converter, N. American 240VAC5 - 10$ 585.00
779732-06GPIB-RS232 Controller & Converter, U.K. 240VAC5 - 10$ 585.00
779732-07GPIB-RS232 Controller & Converter, Japan 100VAC5 - 10$ 585.00

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