NI USB-6008 12-Bit, 10 kS/s Low-Cost Multifunction DAQ

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  • 8 analog inputs (12-bit, 10 kS/s)
  • 2 analog outputs (12-bit, 150 S/s); 12 digital I/O; 32-bit counter
  • Bus-powered for high mobility; built-in signal connectivity
  • OEM version available
  • Compatible with LabVIEW, LabWindows™/CVI, and Measurement Studio for Visual Studio .NET
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The NI USB-6008 provides basic DAQ functionality for applications such as simple data logging, portable measurements, and academic lab experiments. It is affordable for student use but powerful enough for more sophisticated measurement applications. Use the USB-6008 with the included ready-to-run data logger software to begin taking basic measurements in minutes, or program it using NI LabVIEW or C and the included NI-DAQmx Base measurement services software for a custom measurement system.

To supplement simulation, measurement, and automation theory courses with practical experiments, NI developed a USB-6008 Student Kit that includes a copy of LabVIEW Student Edition. These kits are exclusively for students, giving them a powerful, low-cost, hands-on learning tool. Visit the NI academic products page for more details.

For faster sampling, more accurate measurements, calibration support, and higher channel counts, consider the NI USB-6210 and NI USB-6211 high-performance USB DAQ devices.

USB DAQ devices are compatible with the following versions (or later) of NI application software: LabVIEW 7.x, LabWindows/CVI 7.x, or Measurement Studio 7.x. USB DAQ modules are also compatible with Visual Studio .NET, C/C++, and Visual Basic 6.0.

The mark LabWindows is used under a license from Microsoft Corporation. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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Specifications Documents

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Specifications Summary

Product Name USB-6008
Product Family Multifunction Data Acquisition
Form Factor USB
Part Number 779051-01
Operating System/Target Linux , Mac OS , Pocket PC , Windows
DAQ Product Family B Series
Measurement Type Voltage
Isolation Type None
RoHS Compliant Yes
USB Power Bus-Powered
Analog Input
Channels 4 , 8
Single-Ended Channels 8
Differential Channels 4
Resolution 12 bits
Sample Rate 10 kS/s
Throughput (All Channels) 10 kS/s
Max Voltage 10 V
Maximum Voltage Range -10 V - 10 V
Maximum Voltage Range Accuracy 138 mV
Minimum Voltage Range -1 V - 1 V
Minimum Voltage Range Accuracy 37.5 mV
Number of Ranges 8
Simultaneous Sampling No
On-Board Memory 512 B
Analog Output
Channels 2
Resolution 12 bits
Max Voltage 5 V
Maximum Voltage Range 0 V - 5 V
Maximum Voltage Range Accuracy 7 mV
Minimum Voltage Range 0 V - 5 V
Minimum Voltage Range Accuracy 7 mV
Update Rate 150 S/s
Current Drive Single 5 mA
Current Drive All 10 mA
Digital I/O
Bidirectional Channels 12
Input-Only Channels 0
Output-Only Channels 0
Timing Software
Logic Levels TTL
Input Current Flow Sinking , Sourcing
Output Current Flow Sinking , Sourcing
Programmable Input Filters No
Supports Programmable Power-Up States? No
Current Drive Single 8.5 mA
Current Drive All 102 mA
Watchdog Timer No
Supports Handshaking I/O? No
Supports Pattern I/O? No
Maximum Input Range 0 V - 5 V
Maximum Output Range 0 V - 5 V
Counters 1
Buffered Operations No
Debouncing/Glitch Removal No
GPS Synchronization No
Maximum Range 0 V - 5 V
Max Source Frequency 5 MHz
Pulse Generation No
Resolution 32 bits
Timebase Stability 50 ppm
Logic Levels TTL
Physical Specifications
Length 8.51 cm
Width 8.18 cm
Height 2.31 cm
I/O Connector Screw terminals
Triggering Digital
Synchronization Bus (RTSI) No

NI USB-6008 Complete Package

Each NI USB-6008 requires:

NI USB-6008

NI USB-6008 and Accessories

NI USB-6008 - 779051-01 Qty $ 199 each
Optional Accessories
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Qty $ 35 each
Connectivity Accessories
Qty $ 36 each
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LabVIEW Base Development System for Windows (English) , 1 year SSP - 776671-35 Qty $ 999 each
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