NI PCI-6519 (16 Inputs, 16 Sink Outputs) Low-Cost 37-Pin Industrial Digital I/O -- 30 V, Bank-Isolated

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  • 16 bank-isolated sink outputs (±30 VDC, 475 mA for one channel, 125 mA for all channels)
  • High-reliability industrial feature set: guaranteed industrial 24 V logic thresholds
  • Watchdogs, programmable power-up states, change detection, input filters, high current drive
  • NI-DAQmx Measurement Services software for highest productivity and performance (v 7.2 and higher)
  • Low-cost solution with advanced features for industrial control and manufacturing test applications
  • 16 bank-isolated sink/source inputs (±30 VDC)
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The National Instruments PCI-6519 board offers 16 optically isolated sink/source input channels, and 16 optically isolated sink output channels with low-cost 37-pin accessory connectivity. The NI PCI-6519 inputs and outputs are optically isolated in banks of 16 channels. With programmable power-up states, you can configure the initial output states in software, to ensure safe operation when connected to industrial actuators (pumps/valves/motors/relays). Using digital I/O watchdogs, the board can go to a configurable safe output state if a computer or application fault occurs. NI-DAQmx makes it fast and easy to configure your board and take advantage of all the high-reliability industrial features with automatic code generation in LabVIEW, ANSI C, Microsoft Visual C++, or Microsoft .NET Languages (C# and Visual Basic .NET). For optical isolation in banks of eight channels, consider the PCI-6515 board. For channel-channel isolation and a ±60 V output range, consider the PCI-6528 board.

Specifications Documents

Specifications Summary

Product Name PCI-6519
Product Family Digital I/O
Form Factor PCI
Part Number 779085-01
Operating System/Target Real-Time , Linux , Windows
Measurement Type Digital
Isolation Type Bank Isolation
RoHS Compliant Yes
Analog Input
Channels 0
Single-Ended Channels 0
Differential Channels 0
Analog Output
Channels 0
Digital I/O
Bidirectional Channels 0
Input-Only Channels 16
Output-Only Channels 16
Timing Software
Logic Levels 24 V
Input Current Flow Sinking , Sourcing
Output Current Flow Sinking
Programmable Input Filters Yes
Supports Programmable Power-Up States? Yes
Current Drive Single 475 mA
Current Drive All 2000 mA
Watchdog Timer Yes
Supports Handshaking I/O? No
Supports Pattern I/O? No
Maximum Input Range -30 V - 30 V
Maximum Output Range -30 V - 30 V
Counters 0
Physical Specifications
Length 14.1 cm
Width 11.4 cm
I/O Connector 37-pin D-Sub
Synchronization Bus (RTSI) No

NI PCI-6519 Complete Package

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1 Connector Block

1 Cable

NI PCI-6519


NI PCI-6519 and Accessories

NI PCI-6519 - 779085-01 Qty $ 333 each
Connector Block - Screw Terminal
CB-37FH - 778673-01
Qty $ 67 each
Cable - Shielded
SH37F-37M Cable (1m) - 778621-01
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Qty $ 33 each
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Hardware Subtotal: $ 433


Note : You should only purchase this device without software if you already own compatible application software.
LabVIEW Full Development System for Windows (English) , 1 year SSP - 776670-35 Qty $ 2,699 each
LabVIEW Application Builder for Windows - 776675-35 Qty $ 999 each
Software Subtotal: $ 0

Package Price: $ 433

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